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VANCONTACT 100 | 175/65/R14 T (90/88)
VANCONTACT 100 | 175/65/R14 T (90/88)



Size: 175/65/R14 T (90/88)

Run Flat: no

SKU: TF00020570

Lead: 3 days

(Fully Fitted Price)
The ContiVanContact 100 - Efficiency and safety for daily use. The ContiVanContact 100 is an all-round talent that can not only easily cope with poor road surfaces and heavy loads, but which also offers a high mileage. Its specially reinforced carcass and sturdy sidewall, the stone-deflecting tread design, and the strong scuff protection strip on the sidewall make the tyre a particularly robust load carrier. We have managed to reduce rolling resistance by 10% in comparison to the successful predecessor model. Improved durability on all roads and thus longer service life. High safety reserves for heavy loads. The partly silica compound used is particularly long-lasting. The flat contour of the tyre ensures a larger contact area with the ground, producing a higher wear volume. this results in greater efficiency due to the higher mileage capability of the tyre. Improved durability on all roads and thus longer service life. A durable tread pattern design and stone ejectors in the bottom of the groove prevent stones from becoming stuck in the grooves.