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TURANZA T001 | 205/55/R16 H (91)
TURANZA T001 | 205/55/R16 H (91)



Size: 205/55/R16 H (91)

Run Flat: no

SKU: TF00052438

Lead: 3 days

(Fully Fitted Price)
An eco-friendly summer tyre for compact cars, MPV’s and family cars, the Bridgestone Turanza T001 combines safety and comfort. Safety. The asymmetric tread design improves grip when cornering and enhances the tyre’s wet braking performance. Wide longitudinal grooves ensure effective water drainage. A silica rich compound delivers maximum grip on wet roads. Environment. The NanoPro-Tech compound reduces the tyre’s rolling resistance. High total mileage. Comfort. Better absorption of road irregularities and reduced rolling noise.