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SPORTCONTACT 5 | 225/50/R17 W (94)
Run Flat
SPORTCONTACT 5 | 225/50/R17 W (94)



Size: 225/50/R17 W (94)

Run Flat: yes

SKU: TF00011752

Lead: 3 days

(Fully Fitted Price)
Summer tyre designed for high-performance cars and powerful SUVs, the Continental ContiSportContact 5 offers safety, sportiness and energy efficiency. Energy efficiency. Thanks to a new compound (Black Chilli technology), the Continental ContiSportContact 5 can reduce rolling resistance by 10% compared to the ContiSportContact 3, while at the same time enhancing mileage by 12%. Sportiness. Grip and handling thanks to the macroblock profile. Safety. Braking distances reduced by 9% compared to its predecessor