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POTENZA RE 050 | 225/50/R17 Y (94)
Run Flat
POTENZA RE 050 | 225/50/R17 Y (94)



Size: 225/50/R17 Y (94)

Run Flat: yes

SKU: TF00002932

Lead: 3 days

(Fully Fitted Price)
Designed for luxury saloons and ultra high-performance sports cars, the Bridgestone Pontenza RE050 tyre provides comfort and power to the most demanding drivers. Strengths Factory fitted to the best sports cars in the world*. Exceptional cornering control and grip. High level of control and safety on wet roads. Comfortable ride with low noise. Bonus Run flat version available in some sizes. * Approved on Aston Martin DB9; BMW series 1, series 5 and series 6; the new Ferrari F430 and 612 Scaglietti; Maserati Quattroporte; Mercedes-Benz Class A, Class C, Class E and Class S; Porsche 911 and Boxster.