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PILOT SPORT CUP+ | 265/35/ZR19 Y (98)
PILOT SPORT CUP+ | 265/35/ZR19 Y (98)



Size: 265/35/ZR19 Y (98)

Run Flat: no

SKU: TF00005137

Lead: 3 days

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The undisputed reference on circuit, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup + is also easy to drive on the road. Successor to the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, the Pilot Sport Cup + is the undisputed reference for dry circuit racing. It is approved by Porsche on the 911 turbo (997) and GT3 (997). Speed. Against its main rivals, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup + is the fastest*. Safety. Good road holding thanks to an asymmetric profile (inner side suited for road holding on wet surfaces) and the use of a Full Silica compound. Driving. Rated “easy to drive” on roads by the German magazine Sport Auto**. * On average, test conducted on dry surface by the English magazine Power Car in February 2006 and the German magazine Sport Auto in June 2007, on dimension 225/40 R 18. ** Test April 2006 with Porsche GT3 fitted with 19’’.