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EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC | 255/45/R19 Y (104)
EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC | 255/45/R19 Y (104)



Size: 255/45/R19 Y (104)

Run Flat: no

SKU: TF00006873

Lead: 3 days

(Fully Fitted Price)
Designed for powerful cars, the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyre focuses on safety without compromising performance. Safety. Good control at high speeds thanks to a large footprint and even pressure distribution. Holds the road on wet surfaces, resists aquaplaning. Traction and grip on both dry and wet roads. Comfort. Silent and comfortable drive thanks to varied pitch sequence. Speed. Exclusive "Active CornerGrip" compound offers improved performance on straight roads and bends. Rubber compounds derived from racing technology.