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CINTURATO P7 | 205/55/R16 V (91)
CINTURATO P7 | 205/55/R16 V (91)



Size: 205/55/R16 V (91)

Run Flat: no

SKU: TF00022493

Lead: 3 days

(Fully Fitted Price)
Designed for medium and high-performance saloons, the Pirelli Cinturato P7 tyre combines safety, performance and respect for the environment. Environment. The tyre's strengths: Low rolling resistance with Energy™ Efficient technology that reduces fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions; Reduced dispersion of aromatic oils in the tread thanks to Clean Air technology. Good longevity. Driving. Asymmetric profile to increase grip in corners and ensure good road-holding on dry and wet surfaces. Safety. Tyre has wider blocks on the outer shoulder to ensure high stability in bends and smaller blocks on the inner shoulders to evacuate water; wide centre grooves for effective water evacuation.